Property Management

We understand Property Management as a sophisticated asset management for third parties, with the target to take over all commercial, technical and infrastructure management tasks of their property, focused on preservation of the value and substance on a long term and to increase it if possible.

Components of our commission are, in principle, all activities that are appropriate or necessary to keep the management object to its economic status to keep and to provide a proper management of it. In an administrative mandate we therefore take action on coordinating and organizing all usually and reasonably tasks, you can expect from a conscientious property manager.

We are experts. Whether the current achievable rents for new leases or an appropriate cost/ benefit ratio for service charges or necessary repairs. We are in the market and working in an independent, loyal and objective way.


Our employees are all well educated and are having proven substantial practical knowledge in property management. The commercial management as our core competence is of course provided by us directly. An optimized letting of the property is our priority, and we provide you with the business "basics" such as lease management, rental accounting, cash and rent management, settlement of the service charges and reliable reporting of course, quite safely and on time.
The technical and infrastructure property services to be provided from appropriate contractors we choose properly. We advertise any substantial work or supply before we order to thereby obtain competitive prices.
We ensure our clients therefore a qualitatively unambiguous, loyal and valuable cooperation to achieve the best possible management of the property, to recognize in particular the interests of our clients to preserve and defend in an integrity position against all involved tenants, service providers and contractors or authorities.
We would be very glad to introduce ourselves and offer you the service you are demanding, taken into account your individual requirements. We would be very pleased to be able to demonstrate you our professional capabilities.