The Company

Esplanade Real Estate Consulting Corporation is the independent and loyal real estate consultancy on the Northern German Property Market. We are specialized in comprehensive and customer-oriented consulting of professional real estate and private investors.

Benefit from our services in the range of real estate investment. Due to our outstanding network as well as our market knowledge, we know prices and market actors. Thus we build the necessary tranparency for you as the basis for your decision in real estate purchase and sale.


In this connection the size of investment does not make the difference. From big real estate portfolios to real estate investment as old-age provisions: An indispensable condition for a successful investment is the presentation of all information and individual factors which affect the investment and the ability to evaluate these correctly. You get the professional basis of decision-making for or against an investment by ourselves.

As well in the area of own used properties, it is essential to present the factors that impact the value around the favoured house. But here soft factors have even more effect, like the wish of selfhood and expression of the same by the architecture of the house. Or to find a suitable neighbourhood in which oneself and if applicable the family can find the needed requirements in oder to implement the desired way of living. Here we are the right contact, too – we respect your ideas and wishes.