We are pleased that you are interested in our services. We, and that means each for the Esplanade Immobilien Beratung acting colleague, stand for a sustainable and ethical conduct to our customers at all times.

For this reason we have set an business compliance agreement, each colleague uses and follows and we gladly publish it below.
Our resposibility for our employers and associate partners has top priority. The compliance of their requirements needs a constantly high level of quality from our side. We always have to execute requests of our customers immediately and dependably and thus offer our employers the best possible results. We want to give our associate partners the possibility to draw adequate profit.

We also bear responsibility for our employees. Each one has to be regarded as an individual. Their dignity has to be respected and their performance has to be appreciated. They have to rely on the safety of their job. Payment has to be fair and adequate.


We also would like to support our employees with their responsibility for their families. The employees should feel encouraged to make recommendations as well as report complaints. There have to be equal opportunities with appropriate qualification, as well at the point of hiring as with regards to promotion and career advancement.
We also feel responsible for our community in which we live and work in. We have to proof ourselves good citizens, keep the walfare in mind as well as bear our part of taxes.

Last but not least we are responsible for our associates. An adequate benefit has to be achieved. Enhancements of the company have to be pushed, whereas losses, caused by mistakes, have to be borne by the association. Modern office equipment have to be bought; reserves as precaution for harder times have to be built. If we act according to these principles the associates will be able to anticipate an adequate didivend.

The employees of Esplanade Immobilien Beratung